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LAS GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems

LAS 7100 Real Time GPS Tracking System with Nationwide Coverage

The LAS 7100 is a web-based real time tracking system that uses GPS technology to accurately determine the exact location of your vehicle.

The LAS 7100 does not require a set monthly service fee. The fees that are related to the amount of tracking you do is called Fair and Flexible Tracking.  You can set the unit to update its location while the vehicle is moving and can be set to update in the following increments : 5, 15, 30, 60 minutes, 4 hours, daily or weekly. The costs for these automatic location updates are shown in the table below. If you are only going to use your tracking device to occasionally track its location, these are called pings. 



The unit also has 3 inputs which can be connected to your vehicle’s alarm system or airbag inflation system to inform you if your alarm is going off or if your airbag was inflated.

You can also use the LAS 7100 to disable your vehicle from driving anywhere in the event that it was stolen. This unit is very easy to install on your vehicle. It comes with a single antenna and a power cable that connects directly to your battery or fuse box.

For multiple unit orders please contact us for discount.

Screenshots of the Included Version 7.0 Software

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