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mighty gps

MightyGPS Detector

- This is the NEWEST TECHNOLOGY available

- Custom Built

- GPS tracking (only when device is transmitting signal)

Our Price: $495

Detect AND Locate All Major Eavesdropping Bugs and Taps Including:
- GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices
- All Types of Concealed Transmitters
- Hidden Video Cameras (Spy-Cams)

gps bundles

  Volume Purchases

gps bundles

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  Tech Specs

mighty gps

4 1/4" x 2 1/4" x 1"


10 MHz to 7 GHz Full Range Detection.

Phone Line Tap Detection including Internet or IP Phones.

Detection of Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices.

Laser Eavesdropping Equipment Prevention.

Built in White Noise Generator.


Features and Benefits

Convenient “At A Glance” View Layout

Conveniently view all information “at a glance” such as:

  • Location of Tapping Device

  • How Device is Detected

  • Tap Warning Indicators

Stops what Spies Are Hearing

Receives the signals picked up from…

  • Wireless Tapping Devices

  • Wireless Hidden Cameras

  • Telephone Lines…

…and allows for Instant detection!

Also has “Built-In” Audio Jammer Noise Generator Function for complete Conversation Privacy.

Easy Handling and Operation

  • Discreetly control device with one thumb…

  • Easy On/OFF

  • Single button select for all 6 detection modes

  • Easy access volume increase/decrease

Detects All Bug Types

Scans from 10 Mhz to 7 Ghz in order to Detect AND Locate a wide range of bug devices such as…

  • Wireless Tapping Devices

  • Wireless Cameras

  • Telephone Wire Taps

  • Vehicle GPS Locators

Bug Prevention / White Noise Generator

Can also foil attempts to bug you by generating background “White Noise” in the 40 ~ 50 dB range. This is comfortable for the human ear but wreaks havoc on bugging activities using…

  • Laser Tapping

  • Voice Recorders

  • Parabolic Reflectors

  • More…

Telephone Tap Detection and Prevention

  • Detects Wire Taps

  • Detects Illegal Phone Bridging

Laser Tap Detection

Laser tapping is a method of surveillance where lasers are trained on your window from outside. The laser then measures the vibration on the window and the wave pattern is then converted to voice so spies can eavesdrop without even having equipment inside the room.


gps bundles


gps bundles system

4 1/4" x 2 1/4" x 1"

gps bundles

  Also Available :)

gps bundles

GPS Detector Buster (aka. a Hammer)


Our Price: $1000