Clock Radio with Vibrating Alarm and Weather Forecast

• AM/FM Radio with Thermometer and ExactSet™ clock
• Digital Tuning Radio Frequency with up to 120 minute radio sleep timer
• Memory for 8 AM and 8 FM radio stations
• AM band frequency 540–1710 kHz and FM band frequency 88.0 to 108.0
• Monitors indoor temperature and outdoor temperature in one remote
• Sensor operating range is –4.00 to 140.00 Fahrenheit
• Maximum transmission range between main unit and sensor is 100 feet
• Weather forecasts for the next 12-24 hours with graphical icons
• Pressure trend indication – rising, steady, or falling
• HiGlo™ Electro-luminescence screen backight
• 12/24 hour ExactSet™ clock and Month/day calendar in English, French,
Spanish, German or Italian
• Sets itself automatically to the U.S. Atomic Clock
• Automatic Signal Reception Activation 6 times every 24 hours
• U.S. map display with designated time zones
• 8 minute snooze and dual crescendo alarm
• User-selectable alarm by Radio, beep sound, or vibrator
• Detachable wake-up vibrator alarm with 10 foot cable and snooze
• 6 user selectable soothing sounds: bird, wind, river raindrop, waterfall and
ocean waves
• AC Adapter included
• Batteries: 6-AA (Main unit)/2-AA (Sensor)

actual size: 9.25x2.75x5.75

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