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Ankle Bracelet GPS Tracker


1) Hardware Unit Only Option: $275



2) GPS Unit + Tracking Service Option - Call us at


Ankle Bracelet GPS Tracker

Durable, Waterproof Design
Ideal for Senior Citizen Healthcare (Nursing Facilities: Patient Security and Alzheimers patients), Child Monitoring and Safety, & more.

World’s Smallest, Most Secure Ankle Tracker!

A technologically-advanced ankle bracelet GPS tracker. Through a durable design, this is a tracker that offers superior reliability and security to any ankle bracelet on the market today.


This provides adjustable fitting, with toughness demanded for long term, everyday use, but with the convenient option of effortless removal. (Note the bracelet is not lockable)


Waterproof, Durable Design
Rechargeable: Up to 5-Days Use on a Single Charge
Automated Bracelet Tampering Alert
Wall Charger
Quad-Band GSM/GPRS
Low Battery Alert
Highly-Reliable GPS Receiver
Quad-Band GSM/GPRS
Compact Design
Remote Adjustments of Tracking Intervals


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gps bundles system

Service Plan Pricing:


Signing up is simple, just follow these 4 steps.


Step 1: Cellular Service Options

  • Best Value - UNLIMITED Service from Mighty Tracker
    $40 per month, 6 or 12 months prepayment required.

  • Use your own GSM/SMS enabled SIM card, $19.95 per month.

  • Use the Included SIM card, $19.95 per month.

Step 2: Tracking Website Access

  • Activate your Personal Tracking Page, $50.95. (One time fee)

Step 3: Track using your Cell Phone (optional)

  • See your tracking device on your cell phone!! Click HERE for more information
    Activate your Cell Phone Tracking Viewer, $59.95 per year, recurring cost. (Optional)

Setup 4: Hardware Activation

  • Provide your personal and SIM card information to Mighty Tracker

Monthly and yearly costs are recurring fees. Service may be discontinued at any time. It is the customer's responsibility to cancel payment through PayPal.

Let's get started...


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gps bundles