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GPS Ready

Regional collections of USGS topo maps and Software for 2-D and 3-D viewing, customizing, printing, and GPS.

Turn your PC into a moving map display. Connect a GPS and you'll see your position right on the screen.
Transfer Marks, Routes and Tracks, but not maps, from your PC to popular GPS receivers. No more hand-keying!
Transfer Marks, Routes, and Tracks from your GPS back to your PC to analyze where you've been on a detailed map.

Find maps quickly - use the graphical index map or search by map name, lat/lon, ZIP code, or over 50 types of place names such as rivers and summits.
Find exact coordinates (Lat/Lon, UTM, MGRS) instantly
View high-quality digital USGS Maps in 2-D or 3-D.
Use the seamless mode to stitch multiple maps into a single, continuous map. Or, view maps with collars (borders).
Annotate maps with Markers, Routes, and Tracks.
Create Elevation and Line-of-Sight Graphs that include elevation gain and loss calculations.
Measure distance and area quickly, even across multiple maps.
Complete documentation and online tutorials.
USGS map symbol reference guide.

Create customized printouts with optional Lat/Lon grids, UTM grids, and compass alignment guide.
Print maps on standard office printers, with or without the USGS borders and legend.
Print quality is excellent, comparable to original USGS paper topos.

Transfer Marks, Routes, and Tracks from your PC into popular GPS receivers.
Transfer Marks, Routes, and Tracks from your GPS back to Terrain Navigator to analyze where you've been on a detailed map.
Connect a GPS to a laptop and turn it into a moving map display.
Maps are compatible with Pocket Navigator for Pocket PC handhelds (sold separately)
Learn more about GPS and Terrain Navigator

Screen Shots:
USGS Topos on CD
2-D and 3-D views
Seamless or with Borders
Elevations and Profiles
Marks, Routes and Tracks
Print personal maps
GPS Ready

maptech terrain navigator

Terrain Navigator:


$95.95 per state or region

maptech terrain navigator