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GPS for Hunting                

How to Hunt with GPS click here:   Smart hunters have been using topographic maps for years to predict the positions of game animals.

Using a GPS for hunting trips:

  • allows you to preplan your routes
  • mark the boundaries on the PC and upload to your PDA or handheld GPS
  • mark ranger stations
  • mark power stations, wires, hazards,
  • water access for yourself or for the game you are hunting
  • in the field create a breadcrumb trail to follow back
  • mark good points in the field in real time for future reference  

If you are hunting in pairs or are part of a larger group, note the importance of knowing where you are and where your team members are.  GARMIN has introduced the RINO, which allows to communicate with your fellow gamesman and see your position as well as theirs in the field.   GPS works to enhance your experience and improve safety.

hunting gps

hunting gpshunting gps

Click here for our feature Terrain Navigator!

GPS Options for hunters:

Handheld units – you can use GPS handhelds for real-time use for directions, etc. 

Garmin and Magellan are the two most popular in field products.  You can combine a handheld unit with the topo graphic maps of your area and upload it into your Magellan GPS receiver.  

Or preplan your trips with
Topo Maps, and use the advantages of geo referenced maps for plotting hunting routes, strategies, emergency routes, etc.  

Upload  range paper maps into your PC or Laptop with products like Fugawi which allow you to use a Palm or Pocket PC in the field with you.  The real time position which is shown allows you to know your exact position, where the game is, and be aware of the situation.  For GPS add ons for PDA’s
click here and for laptops please see the PCMCIA card.  

Preplan and execute.  With GPS, you will know where you are, where the game is, and how to get to the game!

hunting gps