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GPS for Fishing                

Resourceful anglers have been using GPS and electronic charting for years to scout, pattern and mark fishing trails with greater accuracy and more fun on the water.

gps for fishing Using a GPS for Fishing
  • ideal method for patterning
  • mark casting points, shoals, scouted areas
  • return to same spot again and again – can share GPS coordinates with friends
  • add notes to waypoints
  • add pictures to waypoints for visual reference/ trophies/ etc.
  • create routes and print of GPS ready maps using software from Maptech or Fugawi  / Fugawi ENC or Avia Sailing Marine Mapping.
  • Pre-plan trips
  • Post Trip analysis
  • real time navigation
  • Plus much more …

gps for fishing



gps for fishing

GPS Options for fishermen:

A growing trend towards laptops and PDAs allow for greater detail to be viewed on these full colour screens.  Whether for real time navigation or preplanning most people are choosing to use the mobile tools that they already have. 
Our Weatherproof GPS receiver with 15' data cable is ideal for use on your boat.

Garmin and Magellan are the two most popular brands of handheld GPS units. A spiking trend is the use of Bluetooth GPS units, which allow for wireless navigation on the water.  

For GPS add on’s for PDA’s
click here and for laptops please see the PCMCIA card or see our other laptop GPS add ons

Use a
GPS fish finder

Mounted GPS units allow a waterproof solution for larger boats combining
GPS and sounders.  These are only recommended for the more sophisticated consumer.  

Enjoy great angling adventures on the waters.  With GPS, the old run-and-gun method of finding the right fishing location will just be that much better!  You will know where you are, and where you are going

Watercraft real time tracker - GPS Watercraft Tracking


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