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GPS Golf Pro

GPS Golf Pro is a software solution that combines 3 cutting edge technologies, the Pocket PC, the Internet, and GPS Positioning. GPS Golf Pro can significantly improve the golf game of any golfer, no matter what the skill level. GPS Golf Pro will also save time, up to 25% per round.

On the Course
GPS Golf Pro provides 4 essential functions on the golf course. First, using real time GPS satellite information, GGP will tell you how far away from the front and center of green you are at any given moment. It can also recommend a club if you use the shot by shot option. Second, GGP replaces your paper scorecard with an easy to use electronic version. Third, GGP can track each shot by up to 4 players on a given round, for later statistical analysis. Lastly GGP can give you live data as to how other golfers faired on the hole you are playing, longest drives, and many other interesting facts.

Once you have played your round and the course uploads your data, you will receive your scorecard via email. After that you have the option of using our FREE website to analyze your game.

On the Web
Simply provide your email address before playing your round and all the details will be in your inbox when you arrive at home. From there you can login see how you rank against others who have played a particular course. You can also benefit from our club analysis, telling you how far you hit a particular club from a particular lie. This will shave valuable strokes off your score. Our website can also calculate your current handicap. Viewing of each scorecard is also available through the FREE website.

* Club and Shot Statistics
* Handicap
* Course Records
* Course Browser
* Scorecard History and Search
* Shots History and Search
* Average Fairways / Putts
* Much More

GPS Golf Pro Features
* GPS Distances - Front and Center of the Green, Last Shot Distance, Etc. Pocket Golf Pro will also show you the number of satellites you are talking to for maximum accuracy.
* Electronic Scorecard - Contains Yardage, Par, Handicap Info for Men and Women. Score 9 or 18 Holes for up to 4 players.
* Shot by Shot Tracking - Club, Lie, Hole, GPS Distance. Track shots for up to 4 players, and then see all the information on our Free Statistical Web Site.
* Club Recommendation - When shot tracking is used, and email specified, you can download club distance information on yourself for each round, making club recommendation accurate for each player.
* Scorecard Email - Your scorecard will be emailed to you within 15 minutes of your round completion. If you are a first time user the email will also tell you how to sign up for the Free Statistical Web Site.
* Free Statistical Web Site - Track every aspect of your game, see course records, calculate your handicap, and much more.

GGP vs. The Competition

  GPS Golf Pro Skygolf Star Caddie GolfLogix
Overhead Hole Map X   X  
Scorecard X   X  
Shot Tracking X X X  
Records / Accumulated Stats X      
# of Courses Stored Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Personal or Golf Course Edition BOTH Personal Personal Course Only
Web Integration X      
Dealer Program X     X
Data can be accessed via Internet X      
Price $77 Software
$349 $49 Software
$189 with GPS
Charge for Every Course

* Multiple Rounds - Now you can store multiple rounds on your PDA without having to synchronize after each. You can also resume any rounds on your PDA.
* More Courses - GPS Golf Pro will now allow you to store up to 5 courses at a time on your PDA. This will be a great feature for those who play a course rotation, or something going on a golf vacation.


GPS Golf Software - For further info Click here