AC Power Cost Controller

• Monitor energy usage and view cost of operation
• Refrigerator effeciency
• Incandescent versus compact florescent bulbs
• Computer, printer, television, stereo, etc.
• Enter in energy cost and it will forecast operational cost; daily, monthly and yearly

• Power usage
• Cost monitoring
• Cost forecasting
• Current power consumption (Watt)
• Maximum load power display (Max. Watt)
• Total energy consumption display (Total kilowatt hour)
• Calculates cost of operation based on actual usage and kilowatt/hour cost (entered by user)
• Forecasts daily, monthly, and yearly cost
• Calculates the cumulative cost since start-up or reset
• Internal button cell powers unit and stores data (not dependant on AC power
• Use of battery ensures power consumption is based on appliance energy drain only

• Supply voltage: 120V ~ (60Hz) 
• Absolute max. loading rating: 1800W (15A)
• Operates on one LR44, 1.5V Button Cell (included)
• Indoor use only
• Accuracy: +/- 2W or +/- 2% whichever is greater

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